Just Another #ManiMonday…

Welcome to the first of many Beauty features for the Beauty section of Beauty, Blessings, & Bliss. This section of the blog is dedicated to all things beauty: beauty products I’m obsessed with, reviews, favorite brands & colors, makeup, hairstyles…Just anything beauty related, girly, & fun.

This week I wanna introduce one of my favorite beauty topics: #ManiMonday.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my nails are NEVER naked and not done. Whether I do them myself or visit one of my favorite local nail techs, my nails are ALWAYS polished. I love trying new, funky colors as opposed to the same 3 shades of pink most people get. So why not showcase my latest manicures here???

This week’s #ManiMonday, is really simple because I’m currently almost two months into rehabbing my natural nails from wearing acrylics for 2 years straight. (If you’re looking for something more daring & interesting than that, check out my Instagram @AysiaMilan.)

In this week’s pix, I’m wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Terra-Coppa. It reads gold on camera and rose gold in person. It’s honestly kinda tricky to get a good shot of this color. Also, when painting my nails, there’s red, green, & gold micro glitter when wet but it’s barely noticeable when it dries. This copper is a nice change of pace from the darker purples and blues I’ve been wearing to hide the damage from the acrylics. My nails are also cut much shorter than I normally wear them to hide the thinning they were subjected to as well.

That’s pretty much it, for now….Stay tuned for my next Beauty post, which will most likely be about how exactly to rehab your nails after acrylics, lol!


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