Welcome to Beauty, Blessings, & Bliss! 

This blog is gonna be awesome, I promise. I just gotta get this introduction off my chest, aight? Cool.

Beauty, Blessings, & Bliss started as an idea I had for a blog almost a year ago when I was thinking of what I was gonna do with myself upon hearing the news that I was about to be laid off from my good gubment (government)  job. The job hunt wasn’t going so well and instead of letting it get me down, I was trying to stay positive & think of solutions. Being the true Sagittarius that I am, I’m a hustler, a go-getter by nature, & a positivity addict.

Fast forward to now…

Just a couple months ago I was on the brink of an “almost” divorce, & I was looking for ways to simply do me. So I took myself out on a date (more on that in another post) & had an epiphany (more on that in the aforementioned other post).

Said epiphany, is not what motivated me to start this blog; but it just occurred to me a couple days ago that said date + said epiphany = a really good experience that I would like to share  which almost got shared on my personal Facebook page but 1) it hasn’t been written yet because I was too busy reveling in the experience, the romance, and the moment (bliss), & 2) too few of my “friends” would really understand (so I’m only making this available to the ones who would take the time to read it), so here I am revisiting the idea of this blog.

It’s basically about my journey to get back to me, doing things & having experiences that make me happy. When you’ve been in a relationship as long as I have (almost 9 years!), you kinda lose touch with yourself & who you really are & what you really want. Then when the shit hits the fan, you panic because you have to get used to being alone with yourself & you find yourself bored outta your mind because you don’t even know who you are anymore or what you even like to do. You go from having to consult with someone else & compromising to being a free agent, & although it’s kinda liberating, you’re still stuck in limbo with this stranger, except this time the stranger is you.

Sharing this blog makes perfect sense based on the epiphany I had, the journey I chose to embark upon, and the simple urge to share it, so you can be inspired to create your own epiphanies and journeys, too.


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