What’s In My Makeup Bag : Sephora Edition

Today, I am doing a semi-shameless basic bitch post about what’s in my makeup bag, mainly about items I actually use from Sephora. I keep them in there & pretty much use them everyday, like they are my don’t-leave-home-without-them makeup staples.
Here’s a pic of the Sephora items I keep in in my handy, dandy Sephora makeup bag, as well as the bag itself:

Considering the fact that I have to adult and be responsible for things like rent, electricity, and food, it’s not much, & I would love to spend more money in Sephora than I actually do, (because #1: who wouldn’t? & #2: it’s like a candy store, even for semi-girly girls like me but #3: I’m a bit of a minimalist) & again, these are products I use regularly, because my face is not complete without them and have found them to be great products and well worth the price tag. Of course, I use other products on my face, both from Sephora and the drugstore, (which will be covered  & reviewed in other posts). The focus here is what’s actually in this bag & in my purse on a daily basis.

Pictured first from the left are 3 Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK!!! It’s by far the best lipstick I’ve ever worn. It has a matte finish when dry, yet it doesn’t dry out my lips. The way I wear it is with a thin layer of plumping gloss as a base, followed by the Elf Primer & Plumper duo, & then a matching lip liner, depending on the shade of lipstick I’m wearing. The longest wear I’ve ever gotten with it is 11 hours, usually from morning to bedtime, when I take it off. My lips are either nude for my no makeup look, which is very rare, or dark, goth, & dramatic: there is no in between! The colors shown are Lolita, a pinky brown neutral, Vampira, a deep dark oxblood, & Exorcism, a deep, plush plummy purple. Vampira is usually my go-to, but I get the most compliments and questions about Exorcism. Some people are kinda​ put off by the name, but if you’re not into that particular goth aesthetic, I understand. These are the three main lipsticks I wear, so they stay in the bag.

The second Sephora item from the ​left is another one of Kat Von D’s amazing products which is the Ink Eyeliner in Trooper, which I have dubbed ”The Best Eyeliner in the World”. I prefer it over her Tattoo Liner simply because of the tip. If you go to Sephora and try them both out, you will see that there is a HUGE difference. This liner is the best because of said tip & it’s​ long lasting & helps me create perfect wings sharp enough to kill, which I wear every. single. day. My eyes are almond shaped and hooded, so it’s very tricky to get the perfect winged look without looking like a raccoon or an Egyptian pharaoh, but with this liner, I nail it every time.

The third Sephora item in my makeup bag is the Too Faced La Creme lipstick in Sweet Maple. It’s another pinky brown nude lipstick that I wear on my no makeup look days. It’s smooth, creamy, and smells so yummy I almost wanna eat it. I do use a plumper underneath it but no primer. The only downside to this lipstick is that I have to keep reapplying throughout the day.

The other two Sephora items​ in my bag are both plumping glosses. The silver one is the Glam Glow Plumprageous Gloss Lip Treatment & the gold one is Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. I prefer the Two Faced plumper because it works well as a base under my lipsticks by smoothing the lines in my lips for that perfect dark pout. The Glam Glow: not so much. I only got it because the last time I was in my local Sephora, they were out of my beloved Lip Injection Extreme and the sales girl recommended this instead since I didn’t wanna have to wait for an order. She said it does the exact same thing, except she didn’t understand that I wanted something I can wear UNDER my lipstick, NOT as a gloss. I bought it & when I got in the car, I tried it on. It’s TOO gloopy & glossy & just doesn’t work for the matte look I love. I still use it anyway because I didn’t wanna waste a $24 lip gloss, but I’m going back to my Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, even if I have to order it online myself. The one pictured is clearly an empty because I use every last bit, especially at $28 a tube. There is a matte version of the Glam Glow online, but I’ll just take that L & get what I really want next time.

Keep in mind that I do plan to showcase looks using these and other products in other posts, so stay tuned…


Just Another #ManiMonday…

Welcome to the first of many Beauty features for the Beauty section of Beauty, Blessings, & Bliss. This section of the blog is dedicated to all things beauty: beauty products I’m obsessed with, reviews, favorite brands & colors, makeup, hairstyles…Just anything beauty related, girly, & fun.

This week I wanna introduce one of my favorite beauty topics: #ManiMonday.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my nails are NEVER naked and not done. Whether I do them myself or visit one of my favorite local nail techs, my nails are ALWAYS polished. I love trying new, funky colors as opposed to the same 3 shades of pink most people get. So why not showcase my latest manicures here???

This week’s #ManiMonday, is really simple because I’m currently almost two months into rehabbing my natural nails from wearing acrylics for 2 years straight. (If you’re looking for something more daring & interesting than that, check out my Instagram @AysiaMilan.)

In this week’s pix, I’m wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Terra-Coppa. It reads gold on camera and rose gold in person. It’s honestly kinda tricky to get a good shot of this color. Also, when painting my nails, there’s red, green, & gold micro glitter when wet but it’s barely noticeable when it dries. This copper is a nice change of pace from the darker purples and blues I’ve been wearing to hide the damage from the acrylics. My nails are also cut much shorter than I normally wear them to hide the thinning they were subjected to as well.

That’s pretty much it, for now….Stay tuned for my next Beauty post, which will most likely be about how exactly to rehab your nails after acrylics, lol!

Welcome to Beauty, Blessings, & Bliss! 

This blog is gonna be awesome, I promise. I just gotta get this introduction off my chest, aight? Cool.

Beauty, Blessings, & Bliss started as an idea I had for a blog almost a year ago when I was thinking of what I was gonna do with myself upon hearing the news that I was about to be laid off from my good gubment (government)  job. The job hunt wasn’t going so well and instead of letting it get me down, I was trying to stay positive & think of solutions. Being the true Sagittarius that I am, I’m a hustler, a go-getter by nature, & a positivity addict.

Fast forward to now…

Just a couple months ago I was on the brink of an “almost” divorce, & I was looking for ways to simply do me. So I took myself out on a date (more on that in another post) & had an epiphany (more on that in the aforementioned other post).

Said epiphany, is not what motivated me to start this blog; but it just occurred to me a couple days ago that said date + said epiphany = a really good experience that I would like to share  which almost got shared on my personal Facebook page but 1) it hasn’t been written yet because I was too busy reveling in the experience, the romance, and the moment (bliss), & 2) too few of my “friends” would really understand (so I’m only making this available to the ones who would take the time to read it), so here I am revisiting the idea of this blog.

It’s basically about my journey to get back to me, doing things & having experiences that make me happy. When you’ve been in a relationship as long as I have (almost 9 years!), you kinda lose touch with yourself & who you really are & what you really want. Then when the shit hits the fan, you panic because you have to get used to being alone with yourself & you find yourself bored outta your mind because you don’t even know who you are anymore or what you even like to do. You go from having to consult with someone else & compromising to being a free agent, & although it’s kinda liberating, you’re still stuck in limbo with this stranger, except this time the stranger is you.

Sharing this blog makes perfect sense based on the epiphany I had, the journey I chose to embark upon, and the simple urge to share it, so you can be inspired to create your own epiphanies and journeys, too.