Happy #ManiMonday!

It’s that time of the week again…

You know how Sunday night slowly turns into the Monday Blues before Monday even arrives? That started happening to me last night, but I decided to shake it off early & beat the boredom & dread by giving myself my weekly manicure!

I did file my nails down short this week, more for utility because I’m moving this week & it’s a nice break from the almost 2 inch acrylics I used to wear, which I admit, made it kinda hard to function sometimes.

This week’s color is the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in S-teal the Show. It’s a smooth, creamy & bright polish, brighter than the blacks, blues, and purples I was rehabbing my nails behind as well as the neutrals I wore to break from the darks. Talk about an instant mood booster! I am loving this pop of color & it’s perfect for Spring/Summer.

Happy Monday!